Young Windmillian’s Project

Earlier on this year we had a visit to the windmill from a young family and learnt their daughter was doing a school project on making a model windmill. We were amazed when she returned on one of our Open Days with the completed mill. It was so well made, and she showed us step by step how she had created it, even demonstrating the sails whizzing round, as she took it outside the mill. We were thrilled at the hard work and thinking put into this school project. Staining is the school she at-tends and as most of you will know the village of Staining has its own real windmill, (although its sails do not turn anymore)

It is this kind of demonstration of interest, especially from children, whereby the public get involved with us that spurs the Friends of Little Marton Windmill onwards.

We have a group of young windmillians that constantly visit the mill and we hope they will be the future generation who take over the con-tinuing support and love for our little mill.

We also have our resident chef (Brucie) with his famous bacon sand-wiches, sausage toasties, hot dogs with sticky onions feeding the volun-teers.


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