45th St Christopher’s Beavers

Little Marton Mill hosted an event for the 45th St Christopher’s Beavers, and what a turn out we had. All the leaders are named after characters in the book, The Chronicles of Narnia. 

The children, aged between five and eight, were so interested in the history of the mill and asked the most incredible questions about the mill as they were shown around.  Allen Clarke to whom the mill is dedicated, would be tickled pink to see our next generation of children learning about Blackpool’s oldest industry, milling. They all wanted to climb the stairs to see the colourful machinery in the cap, and hopefully before long they can return to see what’s hidden from view at the moment. 

Each child took home a make a windmill kit and after enjoying our windmill tea they sang their Beavers salutation to us volunteers. So glad that our own history is becoming an important part of the curriculum in schools now.

The Friends invite anyone interested to contact us, especially the schools, to take a trip around the mill and enjoy our hospitality.
We already have a following of young enthusiastic windmillians who love their mill and will be the custodians of it in the future.


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