Our Blue Heritage Plaque 2015

It has long been felt that Little Marton Mill deserved the type of blue plaque worn by other listed structures of note. It is after all an English Heritage grade 2 list building, as well as being one of Blackpool’s best known landmarks. The friends group and especially Shirley Mathews have been pressing for this recognition for several years, even offering to pay for the manufacture of the plaque itself.

Last year the council agreed that a plaque was appropriate, and undertook also to also pick up the bill.

The date for unveiling was initially proposed for mid February, then upon realisation that Shirley was still with her family in Australia at that point, was agreed to be rescheduled for the 1st of March.

The unveiling was to be by Clifton Ward councillors; the friends group were to host the event and contribute refreshments and tours of the mill for guests. An open invitation was issued to Friends group members, and anyone else interested in local heritage, via social media.


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